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For many other reform  sites see  www.reformnav.org/


    Dr. Stanton Peele

Drugs and their properties

        Erowid.org is an online library of information about psychoactive
        plants and chemicals and related topics.

Drug Education

    Safety First

Drug Use Trends

    "truth: the Anti-drugwar"
       Official U.S. Government data, statistics, charts and analysis.

Foreign Information

    CANADA - Supervised Injection

    DUTCH Research - cocaine, marijuana

    PORTUGAL - Drug Decriminalization

    SWISS Heroin - assisted Treatment (HAT)

    UK The Beckley Foundation - research

Forfeiture of Assets

   Americans for Forfeiture Reform


General reform.


    Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University

    Retired Professor Buford Terrell

    Common Sense for Drug Policy

    Drug Policy Alliance
        Includes a bibliography of drug policy related books.

    Drug Reform Coordination Network

        Includes The DrugNews Archive. Collection of over 125,000 fully
        searchable newspaper, magazine, and Web articles on all aspects
        of drug policy since 1996. Also has links to reform  organizations in other states.

    Drug Truth Network

    Drug War Facts
       Indexed information on  38 topics with detailed source citations.

    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)

    New Amsterdam Psychedelic Law

    ReconsiDer Blog

    Schaffer Library of Drug Policy   
        Government studies and other reference material.


    Addiction Research Unit, University at Buffalo Legal heroin, cocaine advertising: IMAGES


    Americans For Safe Access

    Coalition for Medical Marijuana

    Detailed presentation of scientific research re: Accepted Medical Use in the United States,
    Safety for Use, Dependence Liability, and Abuse Potential.

    The Hemp Industries Association

    Marijuana Policy Project (MPP)

    Marijuana, Science, and Public Policy

    Patients Out of Time

    Texans  for Medical Marijuana

    Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access

    Marijuana: The Forbidden Medicine/Dr. Lester Grinspoon


     Austin/Texas NORML

     Dallas/Fort Worth NORML

     Houston NORML

    Prohibition Costs

    Pot TV

Philosophical opposition to drug prohibition

    Center for Cognitive Liberties and Ethics
    " A violation of privacy, autonomy and choice."

Prison Issues

    Criminal Justice Statistics, Sourcebook

   Drug Courts Are Not the Answer
     Toward a Health-Centered Approach to Drug Use

    Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM)
       A national nonprofit organization founded in 1991 to
        challenge inflexible and excessive penalties required by mandatory
        sentencing laws.

    Judge Jim Gray

    Justice Policy Institute - drug courts

    November Organization


    Drug and Alcohol Findings

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