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Taking the First Step 

We believe that the establishment of a National Commission On Marijuana and Drug Abuse is a reasonable first step in the attempt to find better policies. 

We can't know what such a commission will report, but we have no doubt that the American people can only be better off for being given exposure to more reliable information and expert recommendations. 

If you agree, please sign the Petition

Other Elements of Change

Change in America normally occurs in a series of incremental steps surrounded by political debate. The drug war operates to thwart that debate and is in opposition to even the mildest forms of progress as typified by resistance to the medical use of marijuana. 

A basic element of change is to recognize the need. In many respects, this already exists; a majority of Americans are generally dissatisfied with the results of the drug war and a majority supports some changes now. 

See: Drug War Failure and Immediate Action

A retired official looks back at 30 years of personal participation  in  the drug war and suggests  major  changes.  

The War on Drugs: A New Paradigm
by Lawrence T. Jablecki, Ph.D
Drug Policy Conference speech, 2008
James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy of Rice University 

Polls show the public generally supports a move toward more public health oriented strategies. A number of these are suggested for your consideration. There are also ways to restructure leadership responsibility to better inform the public and to broaden the involvement of all elements of society in the search for better answers. 

See: Foundations of Change and Short Range Change

Ultimately society will have to openly confront the question of prohibition vs. regulated supply once again. 

See: Long Range Considerations

Much of this site is dedicated to understanding what that might mean and how to test new approaches with little risk. 

See: Low Risk Trials

The risks of doing nothing are far greater than the risks of change. Given the the resistance of special interests and the political climate, voter pressure will be essential. 

See: Follow The Money and You Can Help

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