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Waco Tribune-Herald August 11, 1997

Safe on border

I read with disgust the July 25 guest column by Ben Johnson.

Two things are quite obvious. He is a typical marine and he isn't familiar with the border area or the people where the young man was shot by the marine patrol.

My husband, daughter and I have been yearly visitors to the Redford and Lajitas area for twenty years. We have seen countless goat herders in that area. Yes, they carry guns as I am sure you would, if you walked in places where rattlesnakes and mountain lions are common.

The people from that area are honest, friendly and citizens of the United States. Please treat them with the respect they deserve. We do not need the miltary to protect our border. Were these marines on private property? Were they trespassing?

We feel much safer in the Redford and Lajitas area than we do in Waco and you certainly see no evidence of drug use there. Please don't assume these people are drug dealers just because they live on the border.

Mrs. Edward Barnard

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